ThaarMaar | Tricky Puzzles and Riddles


Think out of the box to solve puzzles & riddles. An ultimate stress buster. Improves IQ.

Sharpen your mind, train your brain, increase your IQ. All the while having fun. This game also helps you to focus and create better capabilities of rational thinking, which can help you perform better at competitive examinations and life’s tough challenges. This game is designed to help you reduce your stress while helping you learn to find innovative solutions.

Play this game to pass time while doing something productive. This game on android will help you boost your creativity, your quick thinking capability, and your rational analysis. Think out of the box. Play the game to win points and go up levels, to play more and more intricate questions. This is the ultimate stressbuster too. Multiple rounds, various types of questions and riddles, and very interesting trivia.

So you think you are smart? You can find solutions to any type of problems? You want to improve your decision making capabilities? Try this game, which gives you various challenges. This will also help to improve the brain functions of your child. This game has proven to be effective in improving the learning capacity of children from the ages of 7-15.

What better way to show your intelligence and creativity than competing with yourself and winning points? Stay young, stay sharp, stay relaxed - by playing this interesting game.

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